What is Amazon SEO? Come to the fore on Amazon!

What is Amazon SEO? Come to the fore on Amazon!

At the beginning of 2000s, Amazon website was a tool which is relatively better than the other search engines but not that attractive for users. Later, it evolved into one of the best websites for sellers to make their products available for the whole world and encounter with a large mass of buyers through availability and turning the finder into a buyer. Amazon is a golden opportunity for sellers in order to reach out to more than 300 million buyers and in a world where shopping with one click has become an essential need, success in Amazon marketing comes from search engine optimization which should be unique for Amazon.

The more you use Amazon SEO for your marketing strategy, the more people become your potential buyer and consequently the more you earn in the wide ocean of e-commerce. Just like Google and other search engines, Amazon also has its own product listing algorithm depending on the search inquiries. This algorithm is called A9. A9 first decides the products that match the customers’ search the best and list the most relevant products for these customers. It works like other search engines like Google but the ultimate difference between them is that Amazon is a selling platform meaning that while various search engines focus on the products on which individuals search, Amazon focuses on the products with the most possibility for individuals to purchase. Thus, Amazon SEO must be inevitably different than other optimizations you usually use. Here is how to improve your Amazon SEO!

Use the Right Keywords

The trick in Amazon SEO is to decide the dos and don’ts. We are all familiar with the keywords and their importance in digital world. In order to expand your sales on Amazon, you should start with a keyword strategy, find all the related keywords and terms to your products and never miss any relevant keyword. You can use various free tools which will help you find these keywords such as Keyword Tool IO, Sonar Tool and Ahrefs.com. While looking for the right keywords, you can also use your own competitor research. Listing the most clicked and frequently used words and terms of your competitor which makes the most sales will help you attract more buyer in your business. Title of your product is the other most important point for your Amazon SEO. Amazon lets you use up to 200 characters in the title; you should use these 200 characters for the clearest and the most target focused title. It shouldn’t be either too long or too short. You should use at least 3 keywords whose search possibility is the highest in your title and make an emphasis on the features which will make your product preferable; for example, “waterproof”, “unbreakable” or “stainproof”. For products whose style or quantity are important, you should also mention these features in your title. For instance, if you are selling a woman blouse and it has 5 different colors option, you should add “blue, with 5 color options” in your title to attract buyers. Add the brand at the end of your title so that you can catch the buyers who care about the brands.

Bullet Points

What about bullets? Think yourself as a buyer and remember the questions that pop up on your mind while viewing a product. Why should I buy it? What is the benefit of this product for me? What is its difference that the other products? Is it worth spending my money? Shortly, the bullet points on the product’s page should explain briefly the features of your product and each should contain the proper keywords. Remember that bullet points refer to the most important and attractive sides of your products so focus on using your bullet points to empathize with the customer, create the most relevant marketing strategy and serve your product in the most qualified way.

Product Description

After giving the real deal of your product on bullets, you should prepare a product description by adding a little creativity. Your description should be in HTML format meaning that the description shouldn’t be side by side but itemized so that the potential buyers can read comfortably and without getting bored. If you don’t have an HTML knowledge, there are again various tools to help you create an HTML format buy searching for HTML editors and convertors on internet. You should add all of the features related to your products in details and use your keywords without spamming. Creativity steps in while giving the reasons for why people have to buy this product. Amazon limits you with 2000 bytes in the description part, you can use Amazon byte checker to calculate this field. You can even use the complaints on your competitors’ similar products and mention how your product give solutions for these complaints in your description.

Choose Your Category

Don’t forget about the importance of the category. The right category means the most sales! That’s why you should find the right category to label your product. You can use your competitor research; find the category for the similar products they sell and choose that category for your product.

The Right Photos

Another important factor for your Amazon SEO is the product photo. The photo of your product has the power to either earn or lose the potential customer so give the right importance to your product’s photos. You should always use high-resolution and professionally shot photos. Make sure that photos display your product from every angle. The background of photos must be white. You can also show the usage areas of your products after the first photo. Amazon lets you upload photos in TIFF, JPEG and GIF&PNG formats.

Benefit from Customers

Although it may take a while, the customer comments and customer satisfaction are quite important for Amazon. Positive comments for your products and strong visit rate for your store will help you to go up in listings and surely increase your sales.

Once you pay regard to these key parts as a business trying to make or increase sales on Amazon, you can definitely achieve a significant online traffic flow.